Julio Alberdi

Life as a Sculptor


In the heart of a tranquil wood close to Pittsboro, an old log cabin stands as a testament to the skill of artistry and tradition. Julio Alberdi, a wood, metal and stone sculptor, finds solace within its walls, where the essence of his familial heritage intertwines with the tools and timbers that form his art. Dusty sunlight filters through the old windows illuminating the wooden floor of Julio's studio, and the air is imbued with the scent of time-worn timber.


My works are very personal and each has its own identity based upon my deep interests in art, history, and music.

They are often abstractions from themes that include reclining figures, torsos, and heroes.  

I have works, large and small, in wood, stone, steel, and bronze.  Some pieces rotate, others are on fixed bases. Wood, particularly black walnut, is my favorite medium due to its density, color, grain and soul. 


I trained with my father Joxe Manuel Alberdi, an internationally renowned artist and elected Fellow of The Royal Society of British Sculptors. He was a sculpture teacher at the prestigious St. Martin’s School of Art and The Sir John Cass, both institutions are now part of the University of London.  



I learned a huge variety of leading edge skills and techniques working with him on some groundbreaking and monumental pieces for public bodies, international banks, Oxford University and very wealthy collectors.  I have carried on that tradition since moving to the USA with my own interpretations of classical and contemporary themes.  


Some of my father's most notable pieces are:


33 ft, 6 tons
Barclay's Bank, London, England


Alma Mater


9 tons

Exeter College, Oxford, England


Ode to El Greco


12 tons

Palace of Snres, Bartolome March, Malloca, Spain



Corten Steel

24 ft.

Nailsea, England


Los Pajarracos


5 meters

Palace of Snres, Bartolome March, Malloca, Spain



After immigrating to America in the late 1970's, Julio landed in New Mexico to work on a year long art grant. Over his years in the states, Julio sold to many private collectors and showed in the following galleries and shows:


  • Galeria Montgo - Denia, Spain
  • Wellfleet Art Gallery - Wellfleet, Massachusetts
  • Newbury Street Gallery - Boston, Massachusetts
  • Canyon Road Gallery - Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Avant Taos -  Taos, New Mexico
  • Salon de Refuses - Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Shidoni Summer Show - Tesque, New Mexico 
  • Somerhill Gallery - Chapel Hill, NC
  • 305 West Cameron - Chapel Hill, NC
  • Durham Art Guild Juried Shows
  • Chatham County Art Guild Shows
  • Tristate Sculpture Exhibitions - Radford, VA
  • Tristate Sculpture Exhibitions -Greensboro, Charlotte, Ashville NC
  • Trade Street Gallery - Tryon, NC
  • Raleigh Contemporary Gallery - Raleigh, NC


Julio resides in Pittsboro, NC where he lives with his wife Lee.  

He has two daughters, Aurora and Tessandra.  


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